alexanderlobov - How to setup Transmission torrent client with web interface and logging

How to setup Transmission torrent client with web interface and logging

Posted on February 3, 2017

This tutorial is about installation and configuration of Transmission torrent client on Ubuntu 14.04.


First, install Transmission:

sudo apt-get install transmission-daemon

After that, Transmission web interface should be available on localhost:9091.

Next, I want web interface to be available from other computers in my local network. My network is very simple: it is just a router that shares Internet via Wi-Fi. In this case,

  1. configure your router to reserve ip address for the computer with Tranmission run. For example, In my case (TP-Link router) it is configured in DHCP -> Address Reservation section.

  2. Add a line to /etc/hosts on machines you use to access the web interface: <desired hostname>

    After that it is possible to use this hostname instead of ip.

  3. Change default Transmission password. First, stop the daemon:

    sudo service transmission-daemon stop

    If you do not stop the daemon, it will overwrite the config file and you will lost your changes.

    Edit the password

    sudo vim /var/lib/transmission-daemon/info/settings.json

    You need section “rpc-password”.

  4. Add ip addresses from your network to the white list (in the same config file, settings.json), for example:

    "rpc-whitelist": ",192.168.1.*"
  5. Start the daemon

    sudo service transmission-daemon start


When I run transmission for the first time, it seemed to me, that Transmission does not write logs. Then I found the log in /var/logs/upstart/transmission-daemon.log. So this section is redundant, but I leave it here, because it was useful experience anyway.

It turns out that Transmission does not write any logs by default. If you want to have logs, you need further configuration. If you do not want logs, you can safely skip this section.

You can set log file and log level in transmission-daemon command line options. As it is a daemon, we need to add this options to /etc/default/transmission-daemon config file.


# Default options for daemon, see transmission-daemon(1) for more options
OPTIONS="--config-dir $CONFIG_DIR --logfile $LOGFILE --log-info"

Transmission can not create log file because of lack of rights. So, create log file and change access rights.

touch /var/log/transmission.log
sudo chown debian-transmission /var/log/transmission.log

Log rotation

Add a file /etc/logrotate.d/transmission containing

/var/log/transmission.log {
        rotate 7


Log configuration is based on this article.