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On productivity

Posted on January 11, 2018

Here is a summary of this productivity video. I removed some of the points that seems to me useless or not effective and added notes from me.

Improve attention, minimize distraction

The author recommends to meditate. I would say that you should activate default mode network on a regular basis. This sorts out the thoughts in your head.

Screen-free time before sleep. You can read instead. This is to calm down your brain.

Use night-shift feature on a Mac, or applications such as f.lux. As I know, our brain reacts to the spectrum of the surrounding light. The more bright the light and the more it is similar to day-light spectrum, the less melatonin you have in your brain. If you want to sleep, you need to increase melatonin level, so turn off bright light and change the spectrum of your devices’ screens to more warm colors.

Turn off notifications. Use only really urgent notifications. You should proactivelly decide what to do at the moment. If you react to notifications, other people decide what you do now. And the context switching between tasks is expensive, supposedly about 15-20 min for complex tasks.

The video suggests to use time trackers. I do not agree. To use time trackers you should remember about the task “track time in the tracker” all the time. I believe this is very distracting.


Type of intentions:

  1. Proactive intention. Sustained, focused attention needed for difficult or complex tasks.
  2. Active intention. Alert attention needed for moderate tasks that happen regularly.
  3. Inactive attention. Automated attention needed for mundane or easy tasks.

Organize your to-do list into the attention type for each task. Use time of day when you are not at your best to check easy items off your to-do list.

Eisenhower method

             Important        Not important
Urgent    |  do               delegate
Not urgent|  defer            dump

Create a routine

Routine disciplines you and help to get into the right mood to be productive.

Theme your weekdays to minimize how often you switch tasks throughout the day. Automate routines to handle mundane tasks.